Know thyself Embrace your roots

“If you want to know the end, look at the beginning” African proverb

There is power in knowing your roots and strength in understanding thyself. As the African diaspora we are blessed with rich ancestral roots, a bloodline of architects, mathematicians, scientists, surgeons, astronomists, philosophers, Kings, and Queens.

These gems are often missed or removed when looking back into our history with a focus on the European interruption of enslavement.  

Knowledge is infinite and as we travel, we love to learn each countries roots and culture giving us a sprinkle of ancestral magic along the way.

What have we learnt?

IPN Museumemorial highlighted African heritage through investigation and research. On the historical and archaeological site of the New Black Cemetery, bone remains were seen in a pit mixed with rubbish showing the brutal reality of the status African- Brazilian’s held. 

Fortunate to be educated by an elder from the Quilombo community, we had an unforgettable hands-on experience of how cassava flour, palm oil, and natural syrup are produced and sold worldwide today.

Embraced by the healing energy in the Candomblé IlêAxéOpóAfonjá filled with nature, we learned about African gods, Xango, Ossarin, Oxum, and Omulu.

Founded by Eugênia Anna Santos, she is remembered for her great leadership qualities and strength as a priestess, in transforming the terreiro into an African world in the heart of Brazil. 

Watching as vibrant hand made wraps from Casa do Alaka were being made, each colour representing an African god. We learnt that one can not choose the god they wish to follow but the god must choose you.

Mestre Moa do Katendê was a respected Capoeira master, who founded the historic Afro block AfoxéBadauê in Salvador and was an activist for the defence and promotion of black culture. 

In the Afro- Brazilian museum our travellers learned the embedded connection of today’s Brazilian population to the African tribes such as Yoruba, Igbo, Tchokwe, etc. Also the history of the Indigenous people of the land, many forced out to live in the Amazon forest.

Living& Giving first partnered with @blacktravelers  in 2018 with a trip to Rio de Janeiro, and have since travelled to Bahia, Salvador and have numerous trips to South America and countries in Africa planned.  The tours on these trips are extremely educational leaving our travellers filled with new perspectives and knowledge.

Travel with us to learn and appreciate the history of numerous countries waiting to be explored.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” African proverb

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