Representation is Key

Are you a Black traveller looking to explore, learn and impact in new countries?

Well, this is exactly how our founder Kweenadventures started out as a solo traveller from the UK. She would plan her trips abroad learning from the locals, volunteering her time and exploring the lands of new countries. From working in animal conservations and rehabilitation centres to schools and orphanages worldwide she had a common observation – the lack of African diaspora within these groups.


After her trip to South Africa volunteering in a school, it became  apparent that they had never welcomed someone from the UK to volunteer of African descent. That was an eye-opener that later gave birth to Living&Giving’s mission today. 

(Grade 1 class in South Africa)

On return to the UK questioning the lack of representation to a variety of  age groups and backgrounds within the African diaspora the reoccurring answer rooted the cause.


Representation is a great issue at present, not only for those within the destination country, but for those looking on site to travel and join in on a programme too.

A perfect example is found by a simple google search of “volunteering abroad”. 

Clearly the African diaspora are not being represented in the voluntary work abroad.


Representation brings a sense of belonging and unity within distant communities. Sharing our roots, culture, history & future visions will help us to build self-belief and value, in a society that teaches otherwise!

Capoeira class in Serrinha favela, Brazil)

“Banking positive memories ease stressful times”  Kweenadventures

This is a statement that we strongly believe in, with our mission to build a positive representation of the African diaspora by travelling, volunteering & donating whilst hosting local community events.

We find it important to promote a positive image of the African diaspora connecting as a community and trying new things, removing stereotypes and labels of what we should or shouldn’t be doing as a people.

As a social enterprise, a percentage of the fees go towards our community impact day whilst abroad, by buying from the local grocery stores, stationery shops, and other needed resources that are donated to the schools, orphanages or selected community projects abroad.