Outdoor Karting



Cars full of competitive banter back n forth we head to Daytona for a race to remember.
Reaching max track capacity, we all sit awaiting the signal to go.
Flying around the track like Lewis Hamilton. Everyone showing their hidden tactics in the qualifier aiming for top placing in our main race.
And curbing… It’s a real free for all out there on the track!
WARNING: Make sure you actually slow down when flags are waved, or they will kick you out!

Wow that was an adrenaline rush indeed!
Now after the times confirmed everyone ready to accelerate into the main thing the green light blasts us into the race we have all been waiting for!!!!
thumbnail_Dove Charity Sprint Race (2).jpg

Banking positive memories whilst contributing to a higher purpose. Funding from these events along with kind donations bought school stationeries and food resources for children at Behere Kgarten Primary School and Kebebe Tsehai orphanage in Ethiopia.



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