Thank you all for making the movement reality!

As a growing community learning our history, culture and limitless abilities with team work we are painting a positive picture of representation for black people worldwide as adventurous impacters.

Reflecting on banked memories bring those amazing past moments back into the NOW!


Living and Giving is amazing mwah lol


3 thoughts on “Reviews

  • I went to Salvador, Brazil with Living & Giving and I can hands down say it was the most cultural and educational trip I’ve ever been on. My friends couldn’t believe the amount of stories I had to share with them considering that I was only there for 1 week. Everything was well organised with such a diverse range of activities, from African drumming to canoeing (which allowed me to conquer one of my fears) to spending time with Elders of the Colombo Community.
    I’d highly recommend every member of the African diaspora to go on a trip with Living & Giving, as it truly humbles you as well as empowers you by learning such in-depth and rich history about ourselves and our ancestors. I came back feeling spiritually and mentally refreshed with a whole new outlook on what we as a community are able to withstand and achieve; all of this motivated me to get started on so many goals that I was procrastinating on. Way more valuable than the money I paid for the trip!

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  • I attended the clay pigeon shooting for the first time on 22 September 2019 and although the weather was doing what it does best in the UK 🌧 Clay shooting was great! Had a great experience collectively with the group. definitely will be doing this more in the future. Thank you living and giving for the experience, had a great time! 🤗

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  • I went to Maputo, Mozambique, South Africa and Eswatini with Living & Giving. The whole experience was simply amazing. The different transfers, day trips and activities were really planned and executed. It was the perfect combination of culture, fun and giving back. I feel like I have made real connections and I will with no doubt travel with Living & Giving again.

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