Kebebe Tsehai orphanage




After having an Amharic lesson with K/Garten  days before, we now head to our second donation destination. Bulk buying foods and resources from local supermarkets, we head to Kebebe Tsehai Orphanage.

Firstly would like to acknowledge and respect, how incredible the staff at Kebebe Tsehai Orphanage  really are. Achieving great daily goals with minimal resources, on such a neglected site they really are amazing souls. Home to over one hundred children from new born babies up to 8 years old, positive energy keeps the staff lifted . 

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Bright eyed with open arms, it was a very emotional experience in the nursery, helping to feed so many little mouths. Soul touching cries longing to be picked up and hugged, whilst others smile and giggling as we pull funny faces. Leaving the nursery rooms, we join the children during their lunch break. Picture after picture as they call friends over to join in, that buzz of happiness spreads throughout.


Massive thank you to everyone that donated.

The Living & Giving donations were greatly appreciated, with ongoing visions of support: 




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