Amharic lesson with K/Garten

Early morning start we head straight to a local stationary shop with £1000 of donations raised by many caring souls.  Purchasing a wide variety of notebooks, pens and pencils we head to our first donation destinations.

Arrival to the school gates we are greeted by a powerful quote.

On entrance to Behere Ethiopia K/Garten & Primary school, we unload the car of stationary for children and the teachers too.

Welcomed into the K/Garten class with a song.

Jaws hurting from our excessive smiling, the classrooms are filled with happiness and good energy as we share out the stationary. Don’t know who is more excited myself  for my Amharic lesson from these super stars, or the children picking their gifts.

Moving on too soon, we head over to the older grades again being welcomed in to the classes, now able to greet with my newly learn vocab.

End of school bell ringing the corridors become lively, some heading straight home others to the football grounds. Showing off with their ball skills, blasting goals round us for fun !

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Massive thank you again to everyone who donated.

The Living & Giving stationary donations were truly  appreciated as well as valuable time with memories to cherish.

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