Casa do jongo


Working out with the local children definitely pushed our travellers to their limits! 💪🏿 Capoeira is a story of triumph and freedom.

Rooted in the rich cultures brought to Brazil by enslaved Africans.

It is teachings of these old masters and a few surviving documents that tell the story of this singular art.

It is a fight, it is dance, a game. It is creativity, intuition, grace, strength, history and tradition

Have you tried Capoeira in Brazil?



Living & Giving donated funds towards resources for the Casa do Jongo, aswell as Cosme and Damião celebration. Allowing the travellers to shop in Mercadão de Madureira for sweet gifts which through tradition will be given to the children living in the Serrinha favela community on 27th September.
The travellers were privileged enough to connect with the local children at Casa do Jongo and take part in a Capoeira class. Welcomed by Aunty Maria do Jongo who is 97years strong. This empress is such a big inspiration to the local community. Founded in 2001 located at the top of Serrinha favela Case do Jongo later moved to the bottom of the favelas in 2015.
The Casa do Jongo program is for children to attend out of the half day school period, learning African-Brazilian heritage Jongo, Capoeira also other martials arts, literacy and so much more. With no funding from the government they do such an amazing job. So please visit their site or EVEN better join Living&Giving and visit in person!




Eye opener in Serrinha favela community. Remember what you take for granted… someone else is wishing for!
Be Grateful. Be Humble.


Pop Up Shop

Kryltd is a London based clothing line.  This brand is much more than just clothing it has a meaning that we all can connect to ‘ CARLS MEANING’. So we was humbled to have been able to collaborate with them at their local community pop up shop, supporting our mission to fund raise for a charity in South Africa ‘SMILE IMPACT’. Establishing and encouraging children in nursery and school, guiding and developing new skills.

Follow them on

Amharic lesson with K/Garten

Early morning start we head straight to a local stationary shop with £1000 of donations raised by many caring souls.  Purchasing a wide variety of notebooks, pens and pencils we head to our first donation destinations.

Arrival to the school gates we are greeted by a powerful quote.

On entrance to Behere Ethiopia K/Garten & Primary school, we unload the car of stationary for children and the teachers too.

Welcomed into the K/Garten class with a song.

Jaws hurting from our excessive smiling, the classrooms are filled with happiness and good energy as we share out the stationary. Don’t know who is more excited myself  for my Amharic lesson from these super stars, or the children picking their gifts.

Moving on too soon, we head over to the older grades again being welcomed in to the classes, now able to greet with my newly learn vocab.

End of school bell ringing the corridors become lively, some heading straight home others to the football grounds. Showing off with their ball skills, blasting goals round us for fun !

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Massive thank you again to everyone who donated.

The Living & Giving stationary donations were truly  appreciated as well as valuable time with memories to cherish.


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